October 16, 2018

NewGround takes pride in knowing we can help a financial institution (FI) create not just a building but encompass its brand throughout that building. Designing a space that reflects exactly what the FI was looking for and more is the greatest achievement we could ask for. Below are a few projects we have completed for different bank and credit union branches and are incredibly proud of.

North Peace Savings & Credit Union

1510235787_cgtoq_newground_northpeaceinterior011North Peace Savings & Credit Union (NPSCU) started working with us with an end goal in mind: place focus on expansion through growth in a new market. Due to their research, they found that Dawson Creek, BC, Canada was the ideal location for a new branch. Together, we created the Member Journey to reflect their entire process. This journey was built around the premise that five activity zones must be addressed to maximize the experiences and marketing messages a person receives through their interaction with the facility. 1510235821_qr3j1_newground_northpeaceinterior120The location was strategically planned to have large windows that faced Starbucks, allowing for NPSCU to promote marketing information in that direction. Inside, NPSCU’s mission “Helping Our Members Succeed in Life” became the focal point across the TV on the fireplace mantel in the lobby. The fireplace intends to symbolize warmth, comfort, and shelter, giving members a feeling they’re home. Award-winning technology is also showcased in this 1,100 square foot branch through personal teller machines and face-to-face video.

1510235757_osz1p_newground_northpeaceexterior0201This branch has also received various awards including the Achievement in Marketing (AIM) award, in branch design, from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU) and the top award of excellence in the category of Commerce New from the Northern BC Commercial Building Awards.

From the dynamic branded colours—to the inviting appeal of its exterior design and digital signage—NPSCU members embark on a journey from the moment they lay eyes on the branch. For more on this project, click here: https://www.newground.com/case-study/north-peace-savings-credit-union

FirstOntario Credit Union

1523972309_hoviw_on2FirstOntario Credit Union decided to expand their branch network in North Oakville, a thriving residential market that had high growth and income. FirstOntario is situated among three of the big five banks, so they decided to leverage their position and step outside their comfort zone to create a new banking model for this region. The game plan between NewGround’s partnership with FirstOntario was to develop a new branch strategy geared towards focusing on the universal banker concept. 1510176438_cgk9e_firstontario_oakville_interior061This focuses on employee cross-training, so they can perform duties of both teller and member service tasks to better serve members. Creating a better member experience was a huge focus at this location, starting with a warm greeting by the concierge as members enter. The waiting area encompasses style and aesthetics that reflect the intended service delivery required by each area. The layout of the entire branch is clean and symmetrical, featuring steel structural elements throughout, capturing the history FirstOntario has with steel and auto manufacturing.

1510176418_ft6kb_firstontario_oakville_interior052Areas designed for transactions were also strategically built for members’ needs. One cash station is designed to deal with fast transactions, while the other offers space for lengthier transactions. Creating an off-stage area for employees and members to recharge, brainstorm, and have the tools for success has been a perfect area for comforts and communication. Technology, member experience, and knowledgeable staff members are what have made this branch so successful.

This branch received award-winning recognition for the Achievement in Marketing Excellence (AIME) from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MACU) for this flagship branch.

To learn more about what this branch did to stand out and become successful, click here: https://www.newground.com/case-study/firstontario-credit-union

Field & Main Bank

1495122842_igfhi_222In 2015, NewGround worked with Field & Main Bank to renovate its main office banking center, and in 2016, they partnered with us again to renovate its banking center in Cynthiana, Kentucky. The main goal was to consolidate the banking center and drive-thru to one location while remaining located and committed to the downtown area. This new project was also aimed at mirroring the 2015 project methodology of providing a modern craft banking® experience for customers.

1495114601_a9cr1_dsc_4746This 4,300 square foot state-of-the-art banking center aims at promoting a unique and personalized customer experience through leveraging relationship bankers. These bankers are dedicated and focused on serving the needs of their customers. Some of the features in this branch include: free-standing teller pods, a convenient drive-up teller window for on-demand transactional banking, digital media screens, and an extraordinary outdoor patio space. 1495114889_vwmcx_dsc_4787The patio, conference room, and lobby are all ideal spaces for both customers and employees. Everything aims at highlighting the localized Kentucky community and its wants and needs! For more on Field & Main Bank, check out the full case study by clicking here: https://www.newground.com/case-study/field-main-bank

At NewGround, we work to align your branch’s space to reflect your brand and culture. We aim to help you satisfy your customers. With over 100 years of experience, we have successfully designed or built over 15,000 facilities, ranging from large corporate headquarters to dynamic retail experiences. Our goal is to give you the perfect space for your employees, company mission and vision and most importantly, your customers and members.

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