April 14, 2019

The role of the information technology (IT) department within organizations has rapidly grown and continues to grow with the demand for the latest and greatest technology available. Financial institutions, who are always security-conscious, are bringing their servers in-house. This creates the need for specialized server rooms and specifically-designed IT departments.
There are important regulations and safety measures that need to be put in place when having an in-house server.

HFCUHQReshootInteriorsWeb-21First, it is required to have a backup facility at least 25 miles away. This creates a safety net if there should be any type of outage or destruction of the primary facility. Second, there are environmental requirements to keep a server room running smoothly, such as moisture level, temperature, and fire suppression. There are multiple solutions and vendors available that an organization can choose from to supply them with their technology needs.

NewGround has the experts on-staff to understand and design around these different systems and implement the best security, factoring in items such as:

• Separate, secure access
• Bulletproof walls and glass that can withstand hurricane force winds, where needed
• Temperature control
• Smart row technology and remote alarm systems

Additionally, the IT department has its own need for specialized space:
• Collaboration areas
• Space to meet with vendors
• A “workbench” for tinkering
• Storage for equipment

Designing specialized spaces for employees in different departments is in NewGround’s DNA. We know that your employees are your greatest asset, and having a space that meets their specialized needs is essential for your company’s success.

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