March 18, 2019


As the industry thought leader for over 100 years, NewGround is uniquely better related to our service offerings. NewGround is an innovative architecture, design, and delivery firm that takes a strategic approach to designing and delivering custom facilities. We can provide end-to-end strategy and delivery for any project.

Below are 10 of our strengths and unique specialties that set NewGround apart from other vendors, making us uniquely better.

1. Strategy First: NewGround's core competencies are grounded in our three-phase approach of Strategy-Design-Delivery for any proposed project. NewGround leads with Strategy, attempting to uncover our client's "why" and how that strategic positioning might lead to the best options for long-term growth and allocation of personnel. Using an in-depth strategic process, we align our cornerstones of Brand, Place, and Culture using a human-centered approach.

Education First Front Day3 (1)2. Single-Source Option, One Responsibility: NewGround has the ability to integrate all elements of project development from initial consulting and planning through project completion. At the onset of a project, we can assemble an in-house team of consultants, architects, engineers, costs analysts, interior designers, and project managers who have previously worked together and bring vast experience in the financial design industry. This collaborative method facilitates a well-orchestrated process from start to finish, helping our clients achieve optimum value while meeting schedule, cost, and quality goals.

3. Transparency: The delivery method of a traditional firm is a closed process where the client usually does not see a full breakdown of all the costs. With our open book process, you see and understand where every penny of your consumers' money goes.

4. Certified Experience Economy Experts (CEEE): NewGround has six (6) Certified Experience Economy Experts who understand how experiences are created and delivered at the retail level.

5. NewGround's Experience with Technology: We have designed and delivered contact centers, state-of-the-art technology bars, VTMs, Smart ATMs, and other high-tech banking features. To see some of our showcase projects click here.

Field&StreamDSC_1504_Final6. Culture Development and Employee Training: We believe "it's all about people" and your employees are your largest asset as they engage most consumers—and perspective consumers—daily. The process of developing a strong dynamic culture in any organization is realized through the development of a holistic approach and learning strategy that is customized to your environment and consumer experience. We believe in order for employees to fully understand and embrace their environment, they must be educated first through the appropriate training.

7. Client Satisfaction: Our number one goal as an organization is to focus on building a solid, win-win partnership with every client we serve and our structured commitment to ensuring quality lies in our C.A.R.E. Assessment process. Through this detailed assessment, we look for involvement with our clients in achieving candid feedback. It's our goal to strive for 100% client satisfaction.

8. Comprehensive Project Approach: NewGround can assist our clients in qualifying markets and specific sites for development, handling due diligence activities, developing financial qualification metrics (proforma), and in some cases leasing or purchasing sites as a third-party to maintain client anonymity. We take a "cradle-to-grave" approach for our clients relative to delivery of an optimally-positioned facility. Our expertise in total project development allows our clients to have full confidence that they are getting industry thought leadership and delivery in their business solution.

TTCU9. Owner's Agent: NewGround can offer additional construction management services in the position of acting as an Owner's Agent. We can work for the client by coordinating and implementing the construction process components of design-delivery. We represent the client's interests throughout the process.

10. Maximum Discount Dealer: NewGround is a maximum discount dealer for furniture dealers Kimball and Knoll. Our national discount buying power affords us discounts that are passed on to our clients.

Using strategy as our north star, we design and deliver custom facilities. Our team collaborates throughout the entire process to ensure that your vision is carried holistically from idea to implementation. We believe that structure without strategic purpose is just windows and walls, and that a beautiful building is measured by how beautifully it functions. We look in, then build up. To learn more about NewGround, click here. 

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