June 5, 2019


NewGround's team follows a focused and deliberate methodology to firmly establish the strategic intent of our clients. We create environments that align an organization's Brand, Place, and Culture to unlock its potential. Our approach revolutionizes the experience for both your consumers and your employees. However, to get there, we need to understand your strategic plan through an evaluation of your current needs and growth potential.

Our strategic approach puts you at the center-leveraging your invaluable perspective and our 100+ years of experience. We take clearly defined steps to reveal challenges and opportunities, and we involve you and your team along the way.

At NewGround, we use modern research techniques as well as on-the-ground interpretation to confirm published research.

Service Offerings Include: 

Change Management

  • Ideation
  • Culture Transformation
    • WayPoint
    • Personae Engineering
  • Branch Transformation

Growth Strategy

  • Market Research and Reporting
    • Demographic Research
    • Trends and Account Targets
    • Segmentation
  • Location and Network Strategy
  • Optimization

Workplace Strategy 

  • Programming and Space 
    • Staffing and Space Forecasts
    • Projections of Business 
    • Adjacency
    • Department Framing 
  • Projects of Business
    • Growth Modeling
    • Multiple Scenario Development
  • Discovery
    • Strategic Vision
    • Journey Mapping 
    • Visual Translation

Business Analytics 

  • Project Feasibility
    • Financial Modeling 
    • Return on Investment 
    • Pro-Forma and Economic Impact
  • Peer Analysis
  • Industry Immersion
    • Insights
    • Best Practices

Every day, we're working on new ways to maximize the power of space-and we can do it for you! 

NewGround’s Ideation Studio: Studio One25